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 Jutsu Training Guide

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PostSubject: Jutsu Training Guide   Fri Jan 01, 2010 12:42 pm

To have a new jutsu when your charcter is approved you must train for it. For expample if you were a genin and you were approved and you wanted a new jutsu you would have to get the jutsu approved THEN train to officaly approve the jutsu and add it to your character. To train the jutsu you must train in a non-rpg area. Then type the number of words to train your jutsu.

D-Rank Jutsu-250 Words
C-Rank Jutsu-350 Words
B-Rank Jutsu-450 Words
A-Rank Jutsu-550 Words
S-Rank Jutsu-1050 Words

Genin may only have Rank D and C jusus.
Chuunin may only have Rank D,C, and B jutsus.
Jounin may only have Rank D,C, and B jutsus.
ANBU Can have all.
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Jutsu Training Guide
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