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 Sand Village Jounin: Gariku Hataku (Almost done)

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PostSubject: Sand Village Jounin: Gariku Hataku (Almost done)   Sun Oct 31, 2010 3:36 pm

Ninja info:
Name: Gariku Hataku
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Looks: Handsome, black hair, six pack, sand jounin vest, black ninja pants, black ninja shoes, black sand ninja headband
Personality: Tough, relentless, loyal to the sand, hard on students, hopes to become the kazekage, racist against the leaf village for his father being killed by a leaf ninja.

Power: Jounin
Village: Village Hidden in the Sand

Skill:Ninjutsu, Taijutsu
Sub skill: Skilled with a sword
Element: Wind, Lightning
Special: Can control 100 puppets

Clan Name: None family name Hataku (Made up)
Clan Symbol: None
Clan History: Once desert nomads settled in the sand during its founding.
Link: None
Kekkei Genkai: None

Jutsu: Puppet master jutsu, chidori, kirin, substitution jutsu, sand clone jutsu, clone jutsu, transformation jutsu, wind style: dust wind, wind style: rumbeling wind wall, wind style: wind gale, wind style: wind shuriken, wind style: great break through, wind style: cutting whirlwind, wind style: great air cannon, wind style: divine wind, wind style: beast wave strike, wind style: wind cutter, wind style: falling petal dance, wind style: wind return, wind style: infinite sand great break through, wind style: hurricane fist, wind style: great cutting whirlwind, wind style: wind blade, wind style: wind dragon, wind style: spiral sphere, wind style: wind bullets, wind style: bullet blades, wind style: drilling wind bullet, wind style: serial waves, wind style: wind bomb, wind style: spiraling shuriken, wind style: sand storm devistation
Element: Wind, Lightning
Rank: A,B,C,D, S
Type: Ninjutsu, taijutsu
Description: Puppet master jutsu: the manipulation of a puppet to use against an enemy, chidori: Lightning formed in the fist to strike an enemy, kirin: Large blast of lightning faster than sound, wind style: Blast of wind in various sizes, wind style: rumbeling wind wall: Wall of wind , substitution: A log transoformed into something using chakra, clone jutsu: a clone of you created by chakra, transformation jutsu: Creating the shape of another form around yourself using chakra, sand clone jutsu: Manipulating sand into your form

Weapon name: Kunai knife, shuriken, paper bombs, smoke bombs, sand anbu black ops sword, sasoris 100 puppet collection
Rank: C, A, S
Looks: Kunai- Chinese throwing knife, shuriken- throwing star, paper bomb- paper to attach to a surface with a string to set on fire and make it explode, smoke bomb- ball that when thrown explodes into smake, sand anbu black ops sowrd- Ninja sowrd only used by sand anbu black ops with a black case and white strap near the top sassoris puppet collection: 100 puppets with various stabbing weapons
Skills: None
Origin: Sand village, forged in fire, kunai/shuriken/paper bombs/smoke bombs obtained from academy sand anbu black ops sword obtained from sand anbu sasoris puppet collection: Recreated by Gariku

Gariku Hataku was born in the sand village medical hospial. He grew up with a middle class family and lived a very happy life.

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Sand Village Jounin: Gariku Hataku (Almost done)
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