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 Aoshi Yoshida the Genin

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Aoshi Yoshida

Aoshi Yoshida

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PostSubject: Aoshi Yoshida the Genin   Sun Mar 13, 2011 12:18 pm

Ninja Info:
Name: Aoshi (Kosoku) Yoshida
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Looks: Aoshi has black hair that goes halfway down his head with brown eyes,
pale skin. Aoshi wears simple black boots, pants and sleevless
shirt. Aoshi has a Scar on his left cheek, prefers to wesr headband on his right arm.
Personality: Aoshi is a very silent person who will only speak if he deems it necesary.
Aoshi constantly has a thoughtful look in his eye which makes people
think they have the upper advantage during a fight which usally ends in chaos.

Power: Genin
Village: Konohagkure, Village hidden in the Leaves

Skill: Ninjutsu
Sub Skill: Genjutsu
Element: Lightning
Special: Lightning courses through bloodstream cuasing unimaginable speed (Kekkei Genkai)

Clan: Yoshida Clan
ClanSymbol: A swirlie design with a lightning bolt through the middle
Clan History: Aoshi's clan was a secret clan which onlyy a select few indivuduals knew about.
This clan was top secret which only answered to theHokage, fom which they were so strong.
Now all thats left of this clan is Aoshi because at age 7 he wanted to tes his new strength
on the Hokage, but his family the protectors of the Kage had no choice
but to stop their own child from fighting the kage.
Aoshi killed everyone in his family including his only sister, which he dearly loved.Afterwards he attempted to kill the kage and failed, the kage being kind hearted alloud Aoshi to stay in the village if he swore to never perform this Treachery again.
Kekkei Genkai: Eletric Speed-Sends Electricity through their bloodsream which causes their veins to pop out and give unimaginable speed to the user, the user must be of Yoshida blood to produce this odd Electricity to course in bloodstream and not die in the orocess.

Jutsu Name: Bunshin no Jutsu
Element: n/a
rank: D
Type: Cloning
Description: Apon using this Jutsu you can creat clones of yourself as a distraction or a
a information gatherer.
Very useful when fight and is outnumbered. This Jutsu is required to passas a genin.

Birth: Was born at Midnight of June 27th by his mother, Kamiya.
His father, Daisuke seeing him born at midnight figured Aoshi to be one day a great Shinobe , trained him as soon as he could walk.Unfortunitly Daisuke was right.

Exam: Aoshi passed with flying colors, completely acing the Exam, perfectly creating 3 clones, matching tranformation of the teacher, & easily replacing himself withoanother object.

Genin: Aoshi as genin, with a three-man squad tends to scout the area during a mission
and reporting his finding to his fellow team mates. During a mission one of their missions they were attacked without warnng from a Village that our village was at war with.
Aoshi quickly kills all but one so he can take him to the otharitys but soon relizes his team mates were dead. Soon afterward he was put with a new group that just graduated from the academy. He swore to himself he will protect his new team members with his Life.

Role Playing Sample:
Under Construction
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Aoshi Yoshida the Genin
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