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 Fighting guide

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PostSubject: Fighting guide   Fri Jan 01, 2010 2:47 pm

All Ninjas have a limt to chakra so ths is a fighting guide so knowbody can have unlimted chakra.The form below will be the rank of the ninja and how many times the ninja can use that rank of jutsu.Also whenever you use a jutsu please post the jutsu that you used our have it in spolier tab!

E-Rank Jutsus- 6
D-Rank Jutsus- 5
C-Rank jutsus- 4

E-Rank Jutsus-8
D-Rank Jutsus-7
C-Rank Jutsus- 6
B- Rank Jutsus- 4

E-Rank Jutsus-10
D-Rank Jutsus-9
C-Rank Jutsus-8
B-Rank Jutsus-6
A-Rank Jutsus-4

E-Rank Jutsus-12
D-Rank Jutsus-11
C-Rank Jutsus-10
B-Rank Jutsus-8
A-Rank Jutsus-4
S-Rank Jutsus-2
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Fighting guide
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